Amazing Health Benefits of Dried Ginger

health benefits of dried ginger

Dried ginger has been used in traditional medicine. Ginger has a high content of minerals, being a good source of potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B. They also contain certain compounds such as gingerols, shogaols and zingerone, volatile oils that give it a characteristic odour and flavor. The mature root is dried and sprayed and used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of diseases. Studies have shown that dried ginger has many therapeutic properties. It has a powerful antioxidant effect as well as an anti-inflammatory effect.


Benefits of Ginger | Excellent Benefits for common Diseases



Mixture of dried ginger powder and sugar is very effective which is taken to be with small dose of 2gm along with warm water.This mixture is very beneficial for digestion.


Abdominal Disorders

Purified butter medicated with ginger powder along with lime juice should be taken with dose of 2 to 3gm twice in a day so that it prevents from indigestion disorders and abdominal fullness and nausea.


Intestinal worms

Decoction of ginger powder is even used as a fluid in cases of intestinal worms and also to get rid of constipation problems.


Diarrhea and Dysentery

Ginger powder is one of the best medicine for diarrhoea and dysentery the dose being 2 to 3 gm twice a day along with adequate amount of water to cover up the dehydration and also serves as an appetiser.


Headache and Cold Cough

This mixture works very well as a local application in the form  of paste made with water .It is also used as nasal medicine this medication induces sneezing and helps in bringing cough out and reduces headache.


Stomach Irritation

Dry ginger powder together with sugar cane juice is used to cure stomach irritation. Consume this mixture everyday early in the morning to get relief from stomach irritation.Urinary Infections,Dry ginger powder can be added to milk and sugar to get rid of urinary infections




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