Dry Lips or chapped lips are most common problem that seems to be very painful and unattractive. The   Causes may be vitamin deficiency, allergic reactions and also it may be because of outdated food and sometimes due to sun expose and bad weather. There may be heavy no of commercial products available to treat chapped lips. But some people personally feel its waste of money so, using natural remedies are the best way for treating your lips in simple way which you can easily find the best results instantly.

Some people will have a bad habit of licking their lips and they suffer from dry lips frequently. At times situation may become more painful or worst that lips breaks or split and starts bleeding.

So here there are some tips and remedies that you prevent from dry or chapped lips naturally sitting at home.

Coconut Oil:

It is very effective treats your lips in a simple way. Just take 2 drops of oil into your fingers and next apply it on your lips gently run it. Do it twice daily for good results.

Aloe Vera:

Aloevera is an amazing treatment from preventing your damaged lips. It acts like an healing agent for skin. Just apply small amount of aloe vera juice on your lips daily to cure chapped lips .

Rose petals:

Rosepetals is also been a

Also gives better smoothing of your lips and treats lips from breaking. Smash rose petals and add  drops of glycerin into it. Apply this on to your lips before going to bed. It removes dirt and dead cells of your lips.

Cucumber slice:

Rub a slice of cucumber on your  lips for 15 minutes but, before you make a slice of cucumber just freeze the cucumber for 5 minutes and then apply rub the slice on the lips that makes your lips smooth and pink. And also it works as a healing mask on your skin.

Apply Castor oil:

Castor oil is one the of the best thing which is used as a traditional oil , if you apply this drops of castor oil on your lips

Honey is the best natural remedy it acts as a great moisturizer. Rub some honey to your lips to heal them fast and retain their moisturize

Mustard oil:

Apply mustard oil into your naval. It is one of the best way and most effective remedy to get rid of chapped lips.


Ghee is the best natural tip to get rid of dry lips just apply ghee on your lips overnight and next morning rub gently with cotton ball you can find the smoothness of your lips. For better results apply daily.

Milk Cream:

Apply milk cream on the lips it prevents from healing and make the lips shine as milk acts a moisturizer agent.

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