Black Pepper Benefits

black pepper benefits

Black pepper has so many benefits and  is extremely useful for breathing disorders and asthma. For this type of patients, it is suggested to give the mixture of black pepper powder at a dose of 500 mg. with honey, sugar and oil.
Black pepper powder with salt and warm water can be used as an herbal medicine. This mixture is also useful for upper respiratory infections such as recurrent sore throats, pharyngitis and oral diseases.
People who are not vegetarians, especially should use black pepper powder in their diet. The use of these ingredients helps with digestion and also gives reliefs of gas distension and indigestion.
The use of black pepper is also used in the case of heavy and powerful diets because it digests the fleshy recipes easily.

Black pepper is also used in weakness and relaxation of the anal sphincter, especially in the case of batteries.
For headache and migraine, nasal drops of black pepper powder prepared in milk are used. It helps eliminate chronic headache. The same preparation can also be used as a local application on the dough-shaped front head.Add pinch off black pepper to milk ,drink this early in the morning with empty stomach and get rid of headache.
If you have chronic dysentery, the black powder should be taken at a dose of 500 mg. three times a day with oil.
Black pepper reduces itching and discharge through lesions when used as a topical application on skin disorders.
Black pepper acts as an antidote for indigestion caused by excessive consumption of pure fats such as butter.
Balck powder also has a veterinary utility. A decoction of black pepper should be used to wash the ears of cattle in case of maggots. This kills the maggots.

Works Like Medicine

In all respiratory disorders and all types of cough black pepper powder can be taken in doze of 500 milli grams along with sugar honey and ghee.Black Pepper is useful with mixture of warm water and salt in the upper respiratory infections and mouth diseases.

Should Be Used In Regular Diet

What a strong digestive system needs is healthy food, and black pepper is a good choice.Everyone will be facing with improper digestion as they take heavy meal. For such Cases Black Pepper gives you beneficial results by having it in your daily diet especially by non vegetarians to help in digesting the heavy meat recipe.The pepper strengthens the digestive tract and lessens the time taken by foods to travel the tract. The enhanced bio availability improves metabolism and stimulates the digestive enzymes. And being a carminative, the pepper ensures healthy expulsion of gas from the body and reduces the formation of excess gas.

Black pepper also improves appetite by olfactory stimulation. It induces a swallowing drive, beneficial in elderly people with dysfunctions such as dysphagia. It also reduces oxidative stress, a common cause of cardiovascular disease, reduced metabolism, gastrointestinal diseases.

This factor and the anti inflammatory factor prevent ulcers and lesions of the gastric mucosa. And with its diuretic and diaphoretic properties, it evacuates toxins and excess water.

A word of caution: As black pepper can disturb the stomach or cause gastrointestinal problems, patients with gastrointestinal disorders should avoid taking black pepper. Black pepper consuming directly which causes effects in the lungs especially by children, It is advisable to have black pepper by mixing with or liquids.

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