Fruit mask for dry skin

fruit mask for dry skin

Fruit masks for dry skin

Fresh cherry’s



Take hand full of fresh cherries and mash it well. . Before that clean your face Luke warm water and Add little amount of raw milk to mashed cherries. Apply the complete mixture to the face before going to bed leave it for 15 minutes and wash it of with cold water.

Fresh fruit mask for all skins

This face fruit mask involves a fruit cleanser, a fruit scrub and then have a good fruit massage and finally fruit face pack.  Follow the below ingredients for face pack.

Take half apple and grind it then add small amount of milk to it and mix it gently make it like a paste. Apply it on to your face like scrub, then give a good massage to your face so that it tries to cleanse the upper layer of your skin. Then wash the cleanser with water. Now the next step is scrubbing.

Fruit Scrub

Strawberry & Banana

Just mash both the fruits gently and scrub it on the face then massage it in circular motion and wait for 5 minutes later wash it off with cold water or else take a cotton ball dip the cotton ball into water and then rub gently on your face. Then lets go to the next step fruit massage.

Fruit Massage

Papaya &Honey

Take half papaya mash it like a thick paste and add honey to it then apply it on the face . leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water .

Fruit Pack

Strawberry& Banana Orange

So this fruit pack makes your skin glow and shine gives your skin nourishing .as we have number of fruits you can use whatever you feel like but don’t choose for citric fruits. Cut the selected fruits and start rubbing on your face gently with each fruit and then keep all the fruit peels on top of your face get relax for 5 minutes and wash it off.

All the fruits are good for your face and gives your face a good pamper. Just do follow the above steps and be patience to find the good results.


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