Home made hair oils for long and bouncy hair

Homemade hair oils for long and bouncy hair

Having long and shiny hair is what people want. The easy way is to achieve this kind of long hair is putting small effort and maintaining care to the hair. Because of the busy schedule and busy lifestyle and lack of low fibre and protein food leads to hair loss. If you are worrying about your hair loss that you have noticed recently and if you want to control it as easily as possible then better choosing for z nztural homemade oils which do not have any side effects. In this blog you can find the best preparation of homemade oils which control loosing your hair and also suits all types of hair, boosting your hair growth naturally.

These days people are using chemical based products which shows good and satisfactory results in the starting stage, but later on you can find loosing the volume of your hair and you can also observe thinning of hair . longer usage of chemical products not only kills your hair but also loosing your money. So better try for natural products which don’t give you any side effects and also saves money which gives100% results.

How to prepare this oil:

Fresh curry leaves and coconut hair oil

Take 20 to 30 curry leaves clean those with fresh water and then clean it with cotton cloth , let it get dry for 5 minutes. As these leaves help your hair strong and also helps in circulation of blood and tries to open the pores on your scalp gives you relaxation, also helps in nourishing. Now lets takes 1 cup of coconut oil , keep it on low flame just add these curry leaves into the coconut oil .Let the color change into brown then switch off the flame. Let it get cool then take a bottle and pour this oil into it. You can use this oil daily before going to bed .For better results apply daily and shampoo daily.

Fresh hibiscus flowers and coconut oil

Take 10 red color hibiscus flowers and pure coconut oil .Boil both well. Keep the flame thoroughly as we must properly heat the flowers and oils. After that, add some neem leaves, if you are struggling with dandruff to prepare your hibiscus hair for dandruff or a few pieces of curry leaves, if you make a hibiscus hair oil for hair loss. Even if you put both these herbs, this will also be good, as this will make this oil more powerful. Once the coconut oil is infused with the hibiscus extracts. Put the flame and let the oil cool down. After a while, sieve the capillary oil in a small bottle. Your homemade hibiscus oil is ready to use.

You can store it and use it whenever you want. It will have a good shelf life, but if you feel that the oil looks bad or that the smell has changed, you know it’s time to discard the oil. This will not occur routinely because most of the time, the hair oil will soon end up being obsolete. It is good to make the hair oil hibiscus in small amounts with only a cup of coconut oil.



Hibiscus promotes hair growth.

Hibiscus hair oil is very beneficial for giving a gentle shine to the hair.

This herbal oil makes the hair thicker and stronger.

It conditions the hair and hydrates it.

It reduces frizz and the hair looks softer.

This capillary oil is also formidable for the treatment of dandruff.

This also prevents premature white hair.

Prevents from scalp itching and gives  relief.