How to wear a saree like lehenga

How to wear a saree like lehenga

Here we give you small tips on how to drape the sari into lehenga.

Choose a good saree which is of light weight with a matching blouse which creates complete look and also make sure you have a matching dupattah  with with two different colors. So girls you can get a lehanga style even though you don’t have lehenga by making this sari into lehenga choli. Just start wearing a blouse and underskirt around your waist. You can also wear a belt type petticoat to do away with the hassle of tying strings that may make you feeling bloated, running your appearance.

Make sure it is tighten tightly to hold the saree weight so that you can carry it comfortably .

Let us start the steps

#1 Take the inner end of the saree start draping it from the right side by tucking it inside like shown in the picture. As it is a regular basic drape it is going to be one rap around from front to back.

#2 After one round just stop at the same  drape and take the edge of the saree and start making small pleats along the waist  by folding it 2 to 3 inches , the smaller the pleats the more refined the lehenga look. After you have done making the pleats just tuck it to the edge or left side. So then you have done with your first pleat.

#3 Repeat the first step again and make sure that the pleats are evenly draped  and tucked in the same level. Bring the rest of the sari to the opposite direction end after you have tucked the plain end .just tuck the rest of the middle part, while leaving enough fabric to drape the sari around he waist one final time along with the pallu. The pallu should not be too long.

#4 Keep making remaining pleats with the pallu and wrap it one final time around your waist in the right side. To look more better try to do with a thin light weighted saree. Take a banarasi saree and a silk dupattah and just wear it one side of the shoulder, make sure that your dupattah should reach the saree and blouse as well and hold with safety pin.


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