Say good bye to high blood pressure

Say good bye to high blood pressure

How to control high BLood Presuure with simple natural remedies where you have to follow daily.

The first main thing that comes here is blood pressure test.Just check your level know where you stand.Dont make changes to your Blood Pressure medication on your own ,however just do so only after getting your doctor.There aresome simple changes that you can do it yourself so that you can find little changes on your blood pressure level,just by maintaining your diet. Lets have a look

Salt-Slash your salt intake

Taking less amount of salt is just one part of eating high and healthy blood pressure diet. Salt makes your body retain water .If you take heavy salt in your diet, the extra water stored in your body raises blood pressure. Stop adding salt while cooking try to get extra flavour with herbs spices with ginger lemon and with vegetables.

Check Labels

Your breakfast cereals may contain lot of salt check the labels to compare brands. Stop processed foods.Check the labels where you can find as no salt added and the food which contains less sodium .

Snack Smart -Switch to simple snacks

As it is very hard to people to stop or change of diet who has a habbit of taking tasty food which contains salt and sodium but still there are simple food that you can take instead of high amount of salty food. So that you can have lowering of blood pressure yourself by maintaining them.

Instead of taking heavy foods,junk foods at snack time try to take an apple as your snack item and also a banana daily  which contains vitamic c, as everyone how vitamin c helps your health. And also have some ground nuts which may control and lowers your blood pressure levels. And alsp popcorn which you can prepare it yourself at home .Nuts and almonds with added liitls salt  where you can prepare at home but not roasted almonds or nuts which will be available outside.

Reduce Coffee and Tea

These days we been seeing heavy number of people are more likely to drink coffee and tea just for relaxation. Its fine to drink tea and coffee as a part of balanced diet, but its not good taking it more than 3 cups a days as it contains caffeine which increases blood pressure. People are started having tea just only to get energy ,yes ofcourse you get energy but that eneregy makes you increase in high blood pressure. Instead of tea just have buttermilk as it contains potassium,vitamin B12 ans calcium as well as good source of phosphorus. As pottasium helps  control your blood pressure by controlling the amount of fluid stored in body.

Dont go for hydrogenated oil

If you are really concerned about getting healthy and saying that way,then you have to be very concerned about what you are putting into your body.This means not only avoiding fast food and junk food you need to be aware of what kind of vegetable oils you are having in your daily food.It is one of the worst chemical that is been adding into your body. Stop using oils which have high chemicals ,just use oliveoil which helps in controlling blood pressure which also controls cholestrol .Instaed of using vegetable oils for baked foods you take use olive oil but please dont use for fried recepies.

One square box – Dark choclateSay good bye to high blood pressure

Dark chocolate contains 60-70%of cocoa which lowers blood pressure with hypertension.cocoa contains flavanoids .Eating about 30 calories a days of dark chocolate  just take one square box of dark choclate reduces BP. Also be careful not to overdo it. Just add it daily in your snack time. Try choclate pudding which has  perfectly partioned cocoa. Just add small amount of vanilla yogurt witho cocoa powder.

Reduce stress relax yourself by chanting “OM”

This is so called “relaxation response”. This technique was first described 30 years ago  At its core,this technique involves sitting quietly  with eyes closed for 10 to 20 minutes and repeating silently a word or phrase as ypu breathe slowly and naturally.This is a natural way to reduce your blood pressure. There are plenty pf prescriptions for standard medications to treat high blood pressure.

Do Transcendental Meditation

This is a very simple style to reduce your level of blood pressure in a simple way. Just try to do this daily for 20 mins by sitting comfortably and  relaxing. It is aeffortless natural technique practised daily. Helps your mind to settle inward,until you experience the more silent and peaceful level of your own awremess helps in controlling blood pressure, gives energy. As stress and anxiety are harmful to your health and happiness .This technique  verify its effectiveness for reducing stress enhancing  barain function control’s blood pressure,lower your risk of heart strokes,strengthen immunity, increases brain functionally.

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