Summer Skin Secrets

Here are some simple natural summer skin secrets which you can prepare at home to make your skin glow .

Ice Cubes

Take ice cubes and massage your skin with ice cube just for 2 minutes then you can fins the instant glow and fresh look on the face.You can also prepare this ice water with  rose water.

Face Mix with Cucumber and Rose Water

You can create your own mix sitting at home with small natural products which you can find it right away at home which our makes your skin preventing from tan . Take small quantity of cucumber juice and take equal quantity of rose water. Mix them slightly and take those liquid into a spray bottle ,close the spray bottle and shake it normally and spray it daily and massage on your face .You can also store this bottle in refrigerator.By using this spray your skin get hydrated and also you can find a better glowing face. 

Raw milk and Lemon









Take small quantity of raw milk and add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice into it. Take a small cotton ball ,dip into this mixture and apply to the face. Let it get dry for 15 minutes and then wash it out with cool water.

Take small quantity of rose water and pour this water into spray bottle  and daily you can spray this water to your hair .It removes the bad smell from  hair .Rose water has antibacterial properties which fight against dandruff from hair

Sandalwood Powder

Take small quantity of pure sandal powder and also add rose water with same quantity, take this mixture in the form of ice cube and apply it. Very soon you can get rid of prickly heat.

Sun Tan Removal

Take 1 potato and rice flour ,mix this potato and squeeze it. Where potatoes are amazing  to nourish skin with vitamins and minerals. It is also a very good skin cleanser. You can get small quantity of juice from it and then add some rice flour into it and mix it well for 1 minute and then apply it to the face and rub it.