turning up your ethnic into western style

 Sleeveless Top Blouse

It is a special variety of black top with collar top collar. You can wear it with a saree, jeans or skirt. This goes well with both the West and the Indian. It seems quite dressed and it is a good way to turn around your Western style and make it more ethnic.

Cold Shoulder Top Blouse

The great thing about a shoulder cold shoulder is that you can also wear it with a kanjivaram saree or with lehnga also. It looks awesome with ethnic style. The cool shoulder blouse with full print is an excellent choice to wear with a long ethnic skirt.

Sleeveless Crop Top Blouse

Crop Top is a favourite style of Hollywood and Bollywood as well. Besides jeans and skirts, it looks great on sarees and lehengas too. In a design attached to the waist, giving a really sexy look and a thunderbolt. It flatters right body types

kurthi dresses

The kurtis dress has been underestimated to be limited only to ethnic wear. If you also have accumulated and you wait for the wedding or the nearest festival, it is best to take them for an elegant look. Next time, spill your short skater dress for your evening and give your long kurta dress a chance to impress your friends.

Long jacket with saree

A short sleeve and short sleeve jacket goes better with a saree if adding charm to your outfit is what you want your jacket to be made of. You can opt for a silk, lace or a velvet jacket, sometimes with a good amount of manual work done on it.

Long Dress Kurta

ou can create a style declaration by combining Indian and Western fashion together. Most of the time, the Western style is given by special neck styles, a cleavage or various interesting cuts

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